Thermal bra created after learning the hardships of breast cancer survivors

SHELBY TOWNSHIP, Mich. – The invention of a thermal bra is creating comfort for breast cancer survivors.

In 2016, three women at Central Michigan University started a mission to make thermal bras designed for reconstructed breasts.

The company Elemental was inspired by a woman named Jodie Faber, who beat cancer herself. She came up with the idea following a double mastectomy, and then reconstructive surgery.

Jodie’s testimony on the company’s website said that she was uncomfortable in her body and looked for ways to feel “normal” after getting her silicone implants, which caused side effects like the chills.

Enter the Elemental team.

According to their website, they have created a bra that, “provides a beautiful and warm solution to help women stay comfortable by retaining body heat and keeping the cold out, all while presenting a fashionable design that makes women feel beautiful.”

Emily Austin was a student at Central Michigan University and studied entrepreneurship. She is now the CEO of the company Elemental, handling the behind the scenes operations.

Sue Wroblewski is a plastics engineer with experience in textiles testing. She handles the designs for manufacturing at the company and is the COO.

Haley Rusicka, the Director of Marketing for the company also graduated with a degree in Entrepreneurship and she also has a minor in Marketing. She helps spread the word about Elemental’s mission.

Their bras are designed to allow comfort, style, and warmth. The company reports that their bras are up to 33 percent warmer than a typical bra.

Elemental has created a Kickstarter where the bras are available for purchase and it can be accessed by clicking here.

The Kickstarter details their research and findings after studying how the human body retains heat.

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