Thieves steal homeowner's front door

 SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A South Bend man is upset after someone took off with his front door. Ricardo Sanchez says thieves stole the front door right off a rental property he owns off South Chicago Street on South Bend's West side.

Sanchez says he got a phone call Monday night from neighbors saying they noticed the front door was missing when they saw the screen door unlatched and blowing in the wind. So, Sanchez rushed over and called police after he found the back door damaged too.


Police searched the house and found the front door was not the only thing missing. The carpet was pulled up and the all the copper was gone, along with the washer and dryer. The house has been vacant for four months, since his last tenants moved out.


Sanchez says he has been struggling to pay all his bills because he cannot get the house rented out again, and now he says this latest breaking is going to set him back even more. "This is very hard, very hard and terrible because, well I  just don't understand why people would do that kind of stuff. I don't have the money for myself, much less a washer and dryer and the rest of the stuff I need now".


Police say they have gotten quite a few calls from people thinking houses have been broken into, but they say that is because many of the vacant homes on the West side do not have front doors.

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