Thousands of South Bend students take stance against gun violence

NOW: Thousands of South Bend students take stance against gun violence


SOUTH BEND, Ind.- Students across state lines taking a stand against gun violence, hoping to generate change in their communities and South Bend students did not stay behind. They’re actually planning a Washington D.C. trip.

Wednesday’s focus was on the walkout which lasted 17 minutes, one minute for each victim in the Parkland, Florida shooting.

“We’re kids that are ready for change and change that is needed now,” says Rory Manley, a senior.

An estimated eleven hundred students marched outside of John Adams High School. “It was thrilling especially to see students that I wasn’t sure they would agree,” says Logan Reimbold-Thomas, another senior.

The group ‘John Adams Social Action for Student Safety Club’ dressed in orange with ‘enough is enough’ and ‘South Bend strong’ on their shirts.

“I hope they understand that we are involved and we want our voices to be heard,” says Manley.

They say something must be done to stop gun violence in schools, “It was inspiring to see that many students come together and to be responsive to the speakers we had,” says Zoe Gezelter, another senior. 

Lynn Coleman took the stage and U.S. Congressional candidate Mel Hall was also on hand, in a show of support for local students.

“What they’ve done today by taking a strong stand is saying it can’t be school as usual, it’s not normal right now in our schools,” says Hall.

Students say this did not interfere with their regular school work. "We all got our work ahead of time and we didn’t miss any classes,” says Manley.

In relation to teachers being armed, these students say they are not here for it. “Our teachers are paid to teach us, and they’re not paid very well,” says Reimbold-Thomas. “Asking them to add to their workload, that’s not what they’re here to do.”

“I think this makes us look like a more violent society,” says Gezelter. “There is still human error and training can only go so far.”

This advocacy action does not stop here for this group. They are planning a trip to Washington D.C. next week to march with Parkland victims.

About 40 Adams students are going on that trip.
If you’d like to support them, here’s their GoFundMe account. 

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