Thousands enjoy snowy weather at Mishawaka Winterfest

NOW: Thousands enjoy snowy weather at Mishawaka Winterfest

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Michiana has become a winter wonderland is just about 24 hours. 

While that does come with some safety concerns on the roads, it also comes with some fun.

More than a couple of thousand people showed up to Mishawaka's annual Winterfest at Merrifield Park.

The free event bonded the community together over falling snow flakes. 

The air was filled with laughter, ice skating, family time and fun.

"I like the snow," says Natalie and Brynn Biggs in unison. "We came here to watch the movie, Elf, and have fun."

The Biggs girls joined the thousands braving the cold and snow, for some community cheer at the festival.

"We have some more activities this year," says Phil Blasko. "We really wanted to engage the community, and what better way than with a free event."

Blasko, as the superintendent of Mishawaka Parks Department, is in charge of the annual event.

The free activities included ice skating, a small petting zoo, a Santa appearance, and free hot chocolate and snacks. 

"We came to have fun," says Brynn Biggs. ""It was fun because today, we got to have a snow ball fight with grandma."

But the best part of the day? 

The smiles on Michiana's faces. 

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