Thousands expected at Potato Creek for Memorial Day weekend

Thousands of people are expected at Potato Creek this weekend to celebrate Memorial Day.

Alex deGroot serves as the park’s manager, he says the campsites for this weekend have been booked for months.

“Memorial day weekend is the official kick-off of the summer. From this weekend on definitely ‘til Labor Day there’s a good chance of selling out every weekend,” said deGroot.

In addition to hundreds of campers spending the weekend, many people have plans to come for the day to experience the park.

With mountain biking, boating, and fishing among the possible activities, many choose to make a weekend out of their trip to the park.

Camper Brandon Moser says he comes every year with his wife and kids for Memorial Day.

“It’s a safe place. You can turn the kids loose in the campground and the park and we don’t have to worry about them,” said Moser.

Families at Potato Creek say camping is all about turning off the TV’s and video games and focusing on each other. Something 14-year-old Carlos Rojas says he can appreciate.

“It’s nice to be away from technology and all that,” said Rojas.

While the goal may be to have fun with family, campers say they are remembering what Memorial Day is all about.

“We put a flag pole on our camper, my husband made a point to say we are putting our flag up this year!” said Regina Cavazos.

For more information on Potato Creek, click here.

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