Thousands raised to bring body of man killed in armed robbery home

NOW: Thousands raised to bring body of man killed in armed robbery home

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - After the tragic loss of 24-year-old Baljeet Singh in an armed shooting at the Phillips 66 on Lincoln Way West, the community is coming together.

A GoFundMe was set up with the goal of bringing Singh’s body back to his family in India.

Today, ABC57 sat down with one man who doesn’t just share the same last name, but his kind spirit.

“We’ve seen the GoFundMe site and that they were raising money so family decided it was just the right thing to do to help somebody at their last stage,” A.J Singh said he knew he needed to help when he heard what happened on the news.

A surveillance video shows what happened the moment Baljeet Singh was shot at the Phillips 66 off Lincoln Way West late Wednesday night.

In it you see the suspect walk in, gun in hand. You then see Singh place money on the counter.

Moments later, the suspect is seen behind the counter where he lets out a single shot.

Singh later died at the hospital. Now all his family want is to see him one last time.

The only setback, they live in India.

So a GoFundMe was made to help the family send the body home.

With a $15,000 goal, community members have already donated over $12,000 in just four days.

A.J Singh and his family donated $1000.

“It’s the right thing to support each other,” he said. “Today we have money, we supported them. And tomorrow god knows what’s going to happen. Hopefully, if we need support, we will get the support from the community.”

Like Baljeet, A.J Singh said it was a dream to move to America.

“My mom’s dream was to move to America and my parents did it,” he said.

But for Baljeet, that dream was cut short.

“They were the lucky ones. They didn’t get shot. Unfortunately, Baljeet was shot and we are very sad about it,” A.J Singh said.

A viewing for Baljeet took place from 4 to 7 Sunday.

The family said they are hoping to send Singh’s body back early next week if they continue to receive such generous donations.

If you want to donate, click here to reach the GoFundMe.

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