Three brothers reunite after 62 years

NOW: Three brothers reunite after 62 years

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Three brothers who haven't been together for 62 years reunited Thursday in South Bend.

Bob Watson says his parents had 13 children, but couldn't care for them all - so some were put up for adoption.

“A lot of years ago when we knew we had a brother but we didn’t know where and how to get ahold of him. He was adopted out and we wondered what happened to him I’m sure. I can’t remember back that far," Bob said.

Over the years he has been able to locate two sisters, but hadn't found his brother who had been put up for adoption at 6-months old.

Just before Christmas 2018, Naples, Florida resident David Ogilvie found some information in his adoptive parents' belongings.

“I received a post card that actually came to a PO Box that we had set up for my folks, my adoptive parents. It was from Jim’s wife who had said that he would like to get in touch with me and left a phone number so I called him," David said.

“He says you know who this is and I said no I don’t. He says this is your brother Dave, David Ogilvie you remember now. I said yes," Jim Watson Sr. said.

They have all been communicating since then, but had not met in person.

"I was talking to Dave and I said man we need to get together I’ll fly down there you know and get together and he says well how about if we have like a reunion," Bob said.

“Then it kind of dawns on you, it’s like hey I’m going to meet my brothers for the first time," David said.

On Thursday, Bob and his brother Jim met David at the South Bend airport.

“It’s a once in a life time experience cause we’ve been talking for 6 or 7 months by phone but just by voice. We didn’t Skype or anything like that so when you come to face to face and actually put a face to the voice it’s really kind of a pretty neat thing," David said. “Chapter 2 will be after the reunion and we get to talk and spend the next few days together and we will continue to I think grow our relationship from this point on and be more physically in touch.”

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