Three generations of Reeves family share love of South Bend Cubs

NOW: Three generations of Reeves family share love of South Bend Cubs


Taking kids to the ballgame is always an adventure, but can also get a little pricey.  Luckily, the South Bend Cubs offer a Kids Club, sponsored by ABC57 and B100, that offers the family a budget-family way to enjoy baseball games.

Many families take advantage of this great opportunity. But one local family is taking it a step farther, by making it a family tradition.

"I love the South Bend Cubs. I tell you what, when you come out here, you just leave the world. It's a whole different atmosphere. You just leave all your troubles behind," says Jim Reeves.

Looking at Reeves, you know he loves baseball.

And, so does his family. All of them. 

"I've got five generations of family that come to the ballgames," explains Reeves. "I've got a grandfather, he's 97 years old. And then my dad, and then my wife, and our kids, and grandkids. We have everyone coming down."

It's a love of the game that's been passed down generation, to generation.

"I love it when they love it," says Reeves.

From Jim all the way down to three-year-old AJ.

"I like the South Bend Cubs, because when I go there, I like to watch the game, and when I watch the game, it feels like I'm in there," says Reeves' nine-year-old grandson, James. 

Last year, the Reeves family went to 71 games.  

They plan to keep going to that many, every year. 

"It's a tradition that's going to be long lasting for me," says Reeves. "And I know for a couple of the grandkids, they're going to want to come, even after we're gone."

It's time spent together.

"I get to spend time with my family," says James.

How are they able to do it? Because of the Kids Club. 

The package comes with ten tickets and lots of goodies, making it a family experience. 

"This whole park is kid friendly, family friendly. If you don't have a good time here, there's something wrong with you," jokes Reeves.

It's an experience that will make the whole family lifelong Cubs fans. 

"I plan on coming until I'm all grown up," says James. "[And] when I'm all grown up, I'm going to start bringing my kids, and then my kids will bring their kids." 

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