Three months after deadly hit and run, justice may soon be served

NOW: Three months after deadly hit and run, justice may soon be served

ELKHART, Ind. --  It's been three months since an unnamed driver plowed through a family, walking through Elkhart, to get ice cream.

Dolly Smith, Courtney Smith, and Shawn Wolcott were killed.

December 16, just one week away, would have been Dolly's first birthday.

The Smith family is now speaking out, again, only with ABC57 News. 

"We've had to pass Courtney's birthday without her, Dolly's first birthday is coming up, and it's going to be very difficult. So is Christmas this year," says Sonnie Smith.

Smith is the aunt and the great-aunt of the victims.

Her brother and his wife, are unable to comment on the proceedings, given their roles in the case. 

The Smith family, joined by the Elkhart community continue to wait for justice.

"It's been three months and I think it's due time that someone is held responsible," explains Smith.

Soon, someone may be, she says. 

"When the community is screaming all of these theories, and how no arrests have been made, what are they doing, [we] know the timeline and the process it's going to take," adds Smith. 

A spokesperson from the Elkhart County Prosecutor's Office says, "We are waiting on forensic evidence and it should be coming soon. As with any forensic evidence, we hope to get clued in to a clear path forward."

But the Smith family has hope.

"We stand behind the police department and the prosecutors attorney's office," says Smith. "We know they're doing everything they can to bring it to a close. And we're very confident in them." 

They are in contact with the police, prosecutors, and the mayor, quite frequently.

"They've been in contact with us very well. Some, almost daily, even it's just to say, 'hello how are you doing?", she explains. "The mayor reaches out to us periodically just to check in with us." 

All are hoping for one single thing.

"To have an arrest by Dolly's birthday," says Smith.

Dolly's birthday is December 16.

The family says the outpouring community support is getting them through this tough time.

Everyone is still encouraged to share any information they might have about that hit and run.

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