Three Rivers School District proposes bond to help fix schools

NOW: Three Rivers School District proposes bond to help fix schools


THREE RIVERS, Mich. -  Officials at Three Rivers Community Schools are hoping voters say yes to a bond proposal next Tuesday. It isn’t supposed to raise taxes, but some living there say they need to know more before they hit the polls.

If approved the proposal would fund a more than $61 million project to fix up the schools. The tax rate won’t go up but those against the proposal say it could prohibit a possible tax reduction.

Yes, signs are plastered all over town. Community members and Three Rivers Community Schools is asking for residents to vote yes on a bond proposal set to help fix the district.

“It would be an extension of the current millage rate of 4.9. The district is levying for 10 years to generate the necessary funds to improve and update our facility and sites,” one promotional video said.

According to a proponent of the bond, the over $61 million project will be used to improve the sites with most of the money going to the middle school,

“Like the middle school is pretty old. There’s a leaky roof. A lot of t is parking, drop-off zones in the elementary schools,” Brock Yost, the chairman of the committee that put the bond on the ballot said.

Improvements to classrooms and athletic facilities are also in the mix as well as enhancing security at the entrances

“As a father, it makes me really happy to know that that’s a big focus in our upper administration's eyes to keep our kids safe. That’s a huge reason why we need to vote this through,” Yost said.

But some opponents took to Facebook to question the proposal saying “so basically extending the debt. Better be a one time deal.”

Another person questioning the move said “how much will our taxes go down if the bond proposal does not pass.

“If we didn’t vote then we would be saving money. It’s like sure but then there’s the pay back later. Some point you’re going to pay. The longer you let the middle school deteriorate and other issues and our kid's safety is at risk as well.,” Yost said.

He said if this does pass next Tuesday, they will start planning the project right away. 

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