Thursday's rain quadruples May rainfall total

In a single day, we've picked up more rain than we did in the first thirteen days of May combined.

So far, we haven't had too much rain this spring, so flooding hasn't been a huge concern in Michiana. In March, there were over two inches of rain, while in April, over four inches. May 1st through 13th only got around a quarter of an inch of rain.

Thursday (May 14th), we've received just under an inch of rain as of 10 p.m. More rain is expected tonight. So far this amount quadruples the rain total from the first thirteen days of the month.

Before today, spring 2020's total was around six and a half inches of rain. This is much different than last year-- we had almost fifteen inches last spring. In a normal spring, Michiana gets around nine and a half inches of rain.

Because of our low rain totals, flooding remains much less of a concern, especially compared to 2019. Even with our heavy rain threat this evening, we are still on track to be at or below normal rainfall amounts for spring 2020.

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