Tik Tok tip challenge reaches Michiana

NOW: Tik Tok tip challenge reaches Michiana

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mi.-- One local Michiana woman participated in a Tik Tok tip challenge and raised over $1,000 in four days.

After watching tip challenges on Tik Tok, where people pay it forward by leaving their restaurant servers a generous tip, a Niles resident decided to do the same.

Paxton Schaller said she just wanted to do something good for her community. So, she set up a Venmo and cash app on Facebook and asked her friends and family to send her money for the challenge.

“Obviously, this video blown up, I’m hoping that it creates that wave of doing nice things, good deeds, kindness for each other," Schaller said.

Over 70 people donated to her cause and she raised over $1,000. Her initial goal was $500. Schaller split the money between two businesses, Prime Table and Brew Ha Ha in Niles.

“I’d like to give every server in Niles $500," Schaller said. "But, I knew that I wanted to go to a restaurant that, in my eyes, isn’t so busy, that has loyal servers, and has been there for a while."

She said she recorded the interaction so people who donated knew where their money was going.

“I honestly just wanted to do something nice kind good for my community, I know that times are kind of weird right now,” Schaller said.

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