Tiny homes on display at St. Joseph County Fair

NOW: Tiny homes on display at St. Joseph County Fair

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. - There is a special tiny home display at the fair this year.

Hine Sight Productions is bringing more than 10 tiny homes to the St. Joseph County 4-H site.

“It’s more of a homey feel and it’s just a different twist on it,” Lincoln Hine, president of Hine Sight Productions said.

The tiny homes are typically customizable.

Hine Sight Productions brings the tiny homes all around Indiana to show people alternative living options.

“People look at the tiny homes and they see how great they are and the vast options they have,” Hine said.

The homes can fit nearly everything a traditional house can, but for a fraction of the price.

“You definitely get the more luxurious options than just a typical RV,” Hine said.

Some of the homes at this fair are for sale and some are just for display.

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