Tips on how to prepare for hazardous winter travel conditions

When you’re out on the roads and a snow storm hits, driving becomes a challenge. It’s even worse when snow is blowing everywhere and the roads are ice-covered and slippery.

ABC’s Andrea Alvarez gathered some tips from the experts to find out what you can do to stay safe on the road:

First, take it slow. Reduce your speed as you would when there’s heavy rainfall since the roads are slippery.

Then, be smooth. Make steering and braking smooth and gentle, this helps with your tire’s grip.

Also, see and be seen. Turn on your headlights and fog lights so you can see and others can see you.

Check front and back. Be aware of the guy in front of you as well as the one behind, increase distance just in case.

Always remember, you can stop if conditions get too bad. Pull off on a shoulder or as far away from traffic as is possible but still safe.

And don’t forget to wear your seat belt.

For more safety tips you can visit the Indiana Department of Transportation’s website.

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