Tips to safeguard against identity theft

The Indiana State Police and Indiana Department of Workforce Development urged Hoosiers on Monday to stay vigilant when it comes to protecting yourself from identity theft.

The Department of Workforce Development stated cases in fraudulent attempts to file for unemployment insurance, and other financial assistance programs, spiked during the pandemic.

With tax season opened, some Hoosiers that had their personal information may run into issues when filling this year.

The department along with the Indiana State Police and other state and federal agencies urge Hoosiers  to do the following if you believe you are a victim of identity theft:

  • File a report with the Department of Workforce Development, the department will then lock your account from further use.
  • File an electronic report with the Indiana State Police through their website and email it to authorities. If you are currently employed, contact your human resources department to protest your claim with the Department of Workforce Development.
  • Other resources:
  • Report fraudulent or suspicious activities to the Internet Crime Complaint Center, as encouraged by the FBI.
  • File an identity theft complaint with the Indiana Attorney General’s office online or by calling (800) 382-5516.

For more tips in reporting and recovering from identity theft, visit the Identity Theft Recovery Steps website or the Department of Workforce Development's website.

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