Todd Rokita made a campaign stop in South Bend Wednesday

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Todd Rokita made a stop in South Bend on Wednesday afternoon as part of his campaigning for Attorney General of Indiana. Rokita is a former congressman in the Hoosier state.

His campaigning brought him to the Michiana Right To Life headquarters in South Bend.

Though he is running as a pro-life candidate, he told voters that he would only enforce the laws as written.

Rokita chimed in about the presidential debate from Tuesday night, agreeing with much of the public opinion on the ordeal.

“This certainly wasn’t Lincoln-Douglas, okay? Understand this was a bit of a bar fight, but it’s reflective, I think, of where our country is right now and I think that we are searching for a way forward as a country, where we are gonna be for the next two-hundred years, I hope we get the decision right,” said Rokita.

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