Toll Roads may be coming to Michigan

NOW: Toll Roads may be coming to Michigan

MICHIGAN – The Michigan State Senate introduced a bill on Thursday to do a feasibility study for toll roads in the state.

The study would look into how tolling certain highways may impact the economy.

The money raised by tolls would be used to repair roads in the state.

Michigan residents have mixed reactions to the proposal of toll roads in the state.

Janet Johnson said,” I feel like something has to be done because I don’t feel like we’re doing enough to fix them as it is and I don’t see a lot of progress in our immediate area.”

Gwendolyn Stanford, however, disagreed with the proposal saying, “My thought would be to just wait it out as far as we see that the mayor has already begun to start fixing a lot of the roads. Just kind of see how much money we have as far as fixing that, if we need more maybe that would be an option.”

The study will need to be delivered to the governor and senate leaders for consideration before putting anything into action.

The Michigan Department of Transportation has until January 2021 to submit the study for consideration.

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