Touchdown moth: Luck of the Irish or divine intervention?

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- You may remember the story about Jesus appearing on a fish stick or the many people who have claimed that Jesus appeared on their toast, but we doubt you've heard of this one!

Jesus was most recently found on the wings of a moth on eBay.

Is it the luck of the Irish or divine intervention?  Take a close look at this moth.  


Do you see Touchdown Jesus?

A couple of weeks ago, Corie Frystak of Barrington, Ill., a suburb of Chicago, tried to sell the moth on e-Bay for $100, but the auction did not attract any bids.

Her dad found the moth last year while cleaning his house in North Carolina.

Frystak also emailed Notre Dame alum Regis Philbin to see if he wants it.  So far, she has not heard back.

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