Tow truck drivers preparing for Michiana's first official winter storm

NOW: Tow truck drivers preparing for Michiana’s first official winter storm


SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Michiana’s first official winter storm is moving in and tow truck drivers are prepping for a busy week.

For big storms like this, tow companies say calls for dead batteries are the most common. If you have to hit the roads this week they say make sure you have jumper cables.

Tow truck drivers like Rodney Bettcher say stranded drivers can expect to wait around an hour before help arrives — so prepping ahead is best.

“Get a couple extra blankets in your car. Little snacks, some water just in case you do get stranded. You don’t want to be sitting out there in negative degree weather freezing your butt off," said Bettcher, Owner and Driver at ASAP Towing.

AAA spokesperson Molly Hart says if you have to drive, make sure to have an emergency road kit.

“Make sure that you have that emergency kit and that is your cellphone and the charger. Cable jumper. You also want to have warm gear for all the passengers," said Hart.

Bettcher says folks bunkering down through aren’t off the hook for potential car problems.

He recommends parking in covered areas if possible – or at least moving your car away from paths of snow plows.

“Clear out as much snow as you can around your car with a shovel before those snow plows get on the road. And, if you can before put salt down around you car if that’s accessible to try to melt that snow a little quicker," said Bettcher.

AAA also recommends you get a full tank of gas before the storm hits just in case.

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