Towing companies preparing for accidents

BRIDGMAN, Mich. -- It's all hands on deck for some of Michiana's towing companies as they prepare for accidents that are certain to follow the stormy weather.

Slushy roads and fast cars don't mix.

Add some wind into the equation and you've got everything you need to cause an accident.

"Small fender benders at the four-way stops, the two-way stops…That's where you see a lot of the stuff at the first snowfall," said Rich Lenardson of Great Lakes Towing.

Lenardson will be ready. He and his team at Great Lakes Towing already have the trucks out because they know the wet weather could mean more business.

Depending on the direction and strength of the wind, Lake Michigan could really shake things up.

"It doesn't matter the efforts of the DOT, if there's really high wind, you just can't keep up with the weather. It washes off the road, quicker than you can put the anti-icing on," said Lenardson.

In Berrien County, there are a few problem areas to watch out for.

Those include Puetz curve near Stevensville and the Lake Street overpass in Bridgman.

In addition, be careful around stretches of road on M-94 near Sawyer because they are still under construction.

"It's still got a lot of the oils in it from laying the blacktop, so it's naturally slippery. And then you throw frozen rain or snow on top of it, and it's even more slippery. And they're not done with the project yet," said Lenardson.

While it's still too early to tell just how bad road conditions will get, planning ahead now could save your life.

Emergency responders say slow down and drive carefully in rainy and snowy conditions.


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