Town of Osceola, Penn Fire could reach agreement in coming days

For the very first time Tuesday night, the people of Osceola had an opportunity to voice their concerns over the future of their emergency services.

“You guys took an oath to protect us for emergency, for property and you are letting us down,” said one town neighbor.  

But concern quickly turned to some optimism

As representatives from both Penn Township and the town of Osceola were on hand, it seems a resolution is getting closer.

Matt Lentsch is a board member with Penn Township.

“I can say right now, we are not there yet. We are very hopeful. We would very much like to be the fire department for Osceola,” said Lentsch.

Jamie Woods is the Osceola town attorney.

“The board is focused at this time in exploring the option of working with Penn Township. As we have engaged a financial advisor, an expert in this area to work with the township’s financial advisor to determine the best ways to proceed and explore the strategies and combinations,” said Woods.

The Penn Township Board has already presented the town of Osceola with a number for negotiations.

“We’ve went to them, with a number of about $244,000. That equals essentially what the unincorporated areas are paying in terms of tax. And we look forward to the day where we can sit down soon and have an agreement. And we are being equitably paid for the services we’ve been providing and hopefully be providing in the future,” said Lentsch.

Hoping a decision comes swiftly so both sides can move on and a town so desperate for answers can feel safe and secure once again.

That initial timeline was 30 days, which runs out in 10 days.

But those in attendance Tuesday night are hopeful they can reach a written agreement this week.

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