Tows prepare for winter blast

BRIDGMAN, Mich. – Tow trucks are planning to be on the roads until Thursday’s snow runs its course.

“When it snows, you’re working,” said Rich Lenardson, owner of Great Lakes Towing. Work for his employees likely won’t stop tonight.
Lenardson said preparations began early Thursday morning. “We’ll run the truck, run the hydraulics and make sure everything is working properly,” he said.
The tows will need to be quick. “When a big storm hits around rush hour in the morning or the evening, it gets to the point where you can’t keep up,” said Lenardson.
The only other winter storm of the season happened on January 2nd, an off day for many, resulting in very few accidents. Thursday’s blast looks like a different story. “It looks like it’s going to come in right when people are going to get off work and that’s going to create some issues.”

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