Toy gun found on Plymouth school bus

Plymouth Police and the Indiana State Police were called to the bus shuttle Monday morning after a student reported seeing a gun in another student's backpack, according to Superintendent Dan Tyree of Plymouth Community School Corporation.

Tyree said a female student told a security officer another student had a gun in his backpack.

The security officer notified Plymouth Police and the Indiana State Police.

Several buses were stopped and students were asked to get off the bus, but leave their belongings on the bus.

At one of the buses, a student told an officer the gun was in the trash, Tyree said.

The officer removed the gun from the trash can and the student who allegedly had the gun was identified and taken to police headquarters.

Parents were notified of the incident by an email through the SchoolReach notification system, according to Judi Lykowski, the Marketing Director for Plymouth Community School Corporation.

The school corporation released the following statement:

This morning as Plymouth Community School Corporation students were transferring at the bus shuttle, a student reported to an adult supervisor that a gun was seen in an unknown student’s backpack.
Based on the description that was given, PCSC Director of Safety and Security, Ted Brown, held a narrowed group of buses at the shuttle and contacted Plymouth Police Department and the Indiana State Police for assistance in identifying the alleged student. Thanks to their cooperative efforts, the student was identified and a plastic toy gun was found in a trashcan on a bus.  
As we continue to keep students’ safety a top priority, we appreciate the response of the Plymouth Police Department, Indiana State Police, Plymouth Community School Corporation Safety and Security, and the student who reported what was believed to be suspicious activity.
All parents were notified about the situation above via our SchoolReach notification system by email this morning.

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