Toy vendor delivers free Easter goodies to kids

PLYMOUTH, Ind. --- A local toy vending business owner will deliver plastic eggs filled with toys through the weekend to make sure families have a happy Easter—social distancing style.

Steve Bare is the owner of and thought what better way to make use of the toys he already has then to deliver them to families in need.

There were a lot of smiles for a seven month old baby girl who met the Easter bunny for the first time on Friday.

Everlee's first Easter might have looked just a little different than usual, but Bare is spending the weekend delivering plastic eggs filled with toys to make sure families have a happy Easter.

Of course, Bare is practicing social distancing and taking safety precautions.

“It was something I thought we could do because we already have the toys and we thought we could help people in the community,” Steve Bare said, Owner of

“It’s amazing because I was bummed that she wasn’t going to get to see the Easter bunny for her first year, so it was kind of nice that they were doing this,” Megan Musser said, a receiving family.

Bare took to Facebook to ask who in the community could use a hand in making this a happy Easter for the family while so many people face unemployment and uncertainty during the pandemic.

“It’s very emotional to hear each individual story,” Bare said. “So we’ve involved our kids so that they can see what things are really like for so many people. It’s been impactful for everyone across the nation.”

Bare received more than 100 responses from families in Fulton, Marshall and St. Joseph Counties.

“Even before we started, you know, the outpouring of support and thanks and it just kept the momentum going and made us want to make it as great as possible,” Bare said.

It has been a group effort between friends just helping out in the background to the Easter bunny putting a smile on children’s’ faces.

Ponderosa Steakhouse in Plymouth donated certificates for everyone and Jen Hunter Photography offered up her services so families can hold onto the moment, according to Bare.

“Something I can look back on and show her. Show her—look—you went through your first pandemic at seven months old. And have something that she can remember,” Musser said.

Musser said that not seeing the family for the holiday is going to be hard.

“I’m hoping I can make it the best that I can make it,” Musser said.

Musser thanked everyone who helped make her daughter’s first Easter memorable.

“Thank you,” Musser said. “You meant a lot. It means a lot to us.”

More than 100 families will be able to host their own Easter egg hunt this weekend.

The group will deliver eggs and toys, giving children a chance to see the Easter bunny through Sunday.

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