Traffic on Cleveland Road causes headaches

GRANGER, Ind. -- It's a well-traveled road that goes directly through South Bend and Granger. Cleveland Road is heavily congested because of construction and people who work in this area are fed up with this traffic jam making them late. 

Meghan Magee works at Gigi's Cupcakes and is a full-time student at St. Joseph High School. She travels up and down Cleveland Road four times a day. 

Magee prides herself for being a punctual girl, but this traffic is not helping her track record. "It just makes me late for work all the time."

The construction on Cleveland and Gumwood is turning part of Cleveland into a one lane road, temporarily. Making it a scary scene around rush hour. 

If you're driving through this part of town, it's best to pay close attention to the posted signs and turn signals to make the commute easier. 


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