Transpo board chooses Century Builders to develop property

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Transpo's board of directors decided Tuesday to enter into an agreement with Century Builders to develop the property at 901 Northside Boulevard in downtown South Bend.

The board made their decision based on several factors, including the purchase price, the proposed timeline, and the character of the development. The decision was unanimous.

But not everybody at the meeting agreed with the board's decision.

Most were in favor of Matthews LLC's plans for the area.

Century Builders' vision for the neighborhood is different than the seemingly more popular urban development of Matthews LLC, since they plan a more "toned-down" version of single and multi-family homes and complexes.

They are confident this development will be what downtown South Bend needs.

"We really want to show that South Bend is not just a place to work, but a place to both live and work," says David Sieradzki, a managing partner with Century Builders.

Negotiations start now, and the developers hope to have something in place as early as next year.

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