TRANSPO wins annual safety award

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- After the deadly bus crash in Indianapolis, we wanted to know how safe local buses are. We found that TRANSPO buses in South Bend are some of the safest buses in the state of Indiana.

Just last week South Bend's TRANSPO bus system won Indiana's Transportation Association's annual Safety Award and set a record for the number of consecutive days they were accident-free.

"We went 166 days without a preventable accident within the entire system, which is an amazing number, and just shows the commitment that TRANSPO has to providing safe transportation to our community," said David Cangany, TRANSPO General Manager.

Buses are inspected every day before every trip.

"Part of their responsibility is to perform a pre-trip inspection, and that's to make sure that all of the safety or everything on the vehicle is in operating condition and it's in safe operating condition," said Cangany.

Cangany says TRANSPO buses come in for routine maintenance and more thorough inspections every 6,000 miles.

"At a minimum, a vehicle comes into a garage every 6,000 miles for a check, and that's to go over every inch of the bus," said Cangany,

We asked Alanda Mason, who regularly uses TRANSPO, what safety measures she has noticed.

"If any drivers change shifts, they automatically check to see if anything's wrong or they take notes of what they've seen from when the previous driver was driving the bus," said Mason.

TRANSPO was also recognized by ITA for having the lowest frequency of accidents in the state of Indiana last year.

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