Travel agencies have advice for those unfazed by stranded cruise ship

This weekend, thousands of people that were stranded in the Gulf of Mexico on a Carnival cruise ship made it home.  The ship docked in Alabama on Friday, but from there many passengers had to catch buses and flights back to their hometowns.

With spring just around the corner, we wanted to know if this vacation turned nightmare was enough to make people think twice about buying tickets for a cruise.

"I know the conditions on board were very difficult and I want to apologize for that." Carnival CEO, Gerry Cahill said as the ship pulled in.

Along with the apology, Carnival gave refunds and vouchers for a free cruise to all the passengers that were on the Triumph.

But many said they would not get on another cruise, not even a free one.

A lot of people have been taking to social media to express their opinions.

Many say they will not book with Carnival because they do not approve of the way this incident was handled.  Others posted saying that they do not see anything wrong with cruising with Carnival.

Cruise companies say they haven't had any cancellations. For those who are still thinking about whether or not taking a cruise is a good idea, travel agencies say you should give them a call before deciding to book your trip.

However, for passengers that were trapped on board for five days of sewage seeping down walls, urine soaked carpets and a shortage of food and electricity, many say it was just too much.

"The crew on board did an excellent job but higher up, they had no plan in place," explained Sandeep Berry of Evanston, Illinois.

Another passenger, Gina Howe, Michigan resident said, "I know that the CEO apologized but he needs to go into room 7331, shut that door and try to live in there for just three minutes and breathe. Three minutes."

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