Traveling overseas? South Bend Clinic says you should see them first


Many people will be making international flights this spring. And in addition to packing your bags, you may want to add a doctors visit to your checklist. 

Doctors at the South Bend Clinic tell me there are lots of health issues abroad. Especially in places like West Africa, Honduras and Guatemala. So it's important you think about them before you get to your destination.

That's something the South Bend Clinic specializes in. For the past few weeks,  doctors say they've been dealing with travelers health needs. The clinic provides vaccinations, and can prepare you for dealing with viruses like Zika  that are often spread by mosquitoes.

Many of the doctors are well traveled, and can give specific advice on certain destinations. Some places require vaccinations months before you go, so it's not something you want to put off for the last minute. 

"Be aware of what other medical conditions might be involved within your destination,” said Dr. Kurt Gongwer of the South Bend Clinic. “Malaria is a big issue. New infections are becoming more common."

And if it just so happens that you come back to the states feeling a little under the weather, Dr. Gongwer stresses it's important you don't dismiss it as just a common cold.

"Especially fever for unknown reasons,” said Dr. Gongwer. “That can be pretty significant, especially with malaria out there. If you don't let anyone know that you've traveled, you might have a significant infection that might get tossed aside as if you have the flu.”

Even if you don’t necessarily feel sick, Dr. Gongwer says it doesn’t hurt to check in anyway.

"Nothing is 100 percent. People can still get sick. So if you've been to an area that has malaria, get checked out. We do some rapid malaria testing which can give us some quick information and then we can offer appropriate treatment."

Pre-travel consultations are now available and highly encouraged with the South Bend Clinic. Call them today to schedule yours. 

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