Tree crashes into Edwardsburg home during Wednesday storm

EDWARDSBURG, Mich. -- An Edwardsburg family is thankful to still be standing after their neighbor’s tree crashed through their kitchen during Wednesday night’s thunderstorm.

“I had literally just came into the kitchen to put some stuff away, and walked into our other room – we call it the Jacuzzi room cause that’s where the Jacuzzi is – and literally just sat down and heard a huge crash!” said Traci McGehee.

Cleanup has already started for McGehee and her fiancé Roger.

They’re both counting their blessings to still be in one piece.

The only noticeable damage in the Jacuzzi room next door is a small crack in the ceiling.

But back in the kitchen on Thursday, shingles sat over the stove and the tree that came barreling in remained perched on cabinets.

“Sounded like a dump truck coming through the house,” McGehee said. “I don’t know how else to explain it.”

The view outside looked just as surreal as inside.

Wednesday’s storm knocked their neighbor’s tree not just into their kitchen, but onto their garage too.

The couple’s kayaks were still stacked on Thursday, but they had shifted.

And a second tree tried not to be upstaged – it crashed into their propane tank, causing leaks and a call to the fire department.

The repairs will take at least five to six months, McGehee said.

It adds to the headache for this couple.

“We’re getting married July 21 and the reception was supposed to be here,” McGehee said, referring to her home.

McGehee and Roger were in good spirits on Thursday, considering what had happened. They even joked that the storm turned their house into a treehouse.

But they do have to figure out where they can live until their home is structurally sound again, and where to have their wedding reception.

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