Tree crashes into roof of Diamond Lake home

NOW: Tree crashes into roof of Diamond Lake home

CASSOPOLIS, Mich. — Sunday night’s storm swept through Cass County, especially for one Diamond Lake resident. 

88-year-old Anne Felton was watching golf around 6 p.m. when the storm hit.  

“I heard this boom and thought ‘Oh, that’s one of the trees,’” Felton said. “I have two trees, so I walked out to the kitchen to open the door and couldn’t even get out.”  

The tree crashed into the roof and knocked tile and drywall off the ceiling.  

With her home unsafe to be in, Felton decided to sleep in her second garage across the street, but it wasn’t a restful night.  

“At two o’clock, I heard the sirens and thought I’m upstairs in the big garage and I’m not going to go down where the car is, so I just prayed,” she said.   

Luckily, it wasn’t long until she got help, as her family has a home just down the road that came out unscathed.  

“This morning, we got a lot of stuff out and there’s more damage than last night because of more rain,” Felton said. 

The rain caused water damage to her ceiling as the storm kept on overnight, and now, she’s just waiting for the professionals to come and get the branch safely off.   

“I am dead tired because it was a shock and then I couldn’t sleep, but I’m doing okay for an old lady,” she said.   

Felton said she hasn’t been able to get a tree service out yet because they’ve been so busy with other storm damage in Cass County.

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