Tree removal companies busy with storm clean-up

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Crews have had their hands full removing trees after a severe storm and several tornadoes tore through Michiana at the end of June.

The Keller Park neighborhood cancelled their block party on Saturday because they have so much storm clean-up to do.

Blade Enterprises cleaned up trees on Angela Boulevard on Friday.

The owner said they have a lot of work to do because the 70 mph winds took out oak trees that weigh thousands of pounds.

Frederick Young said, “These trees are so tall the branches like this one are half way up, so it starts swinging so wherever the weakest point is, is when that tree snaps because it can only hold so much weight in the air going like this.”

The City of South Bend is also picking up large limbs until July 25th if homeowners put them curbside.

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