Trial begins for man accused of murdering South Bend veteran

NOW: Trial begins for man accused of murdering South Bend veteran

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - The trial for a man accused of murdering a South Bend veteran began Tuesday.

Jabreeh Davis-Martin is accused of beating Jodie Henderson to death last January.

In opening statements, the prosecutor claimed Davis-Martin bludgeoned Henderson to death, outside his mother’s home.

The defense claimed Henderson died from the cold, passed out drunk in the snow.

Evidence presentation started with three witnesses who were there the night the crime took place.

Henderson’s aunt was with him with friends at a house before it happened.

The house belonged to Felicia Davis.

Felecia is the suspect’s mother.

The victim’s aunt showed a video in which Felecia and Henderson were drinking and joking about Henderson getting together with the suspect.

Davis-Martin’s great-aunt also testified, saying Henderson often joked with the suspect and his family about the two of them being romantically involved.

She said Davis-Martin usually brushed it off and was not offended.

The first two witnesses claimed Davis-Martin came and went from Felecia’s house several times the night of the crime.

The defendant’s mother also took the stand, claiming Davis-Martin was only at her home one time that night and didn’t return.

Two investigators also testified Tuesday.

The first was a South Bend officer who found Henderson’s lifeless body covered in blood in the snow.

Secondly, a Metro Homicide investigator shared the evidence he collected.

Several graphic photos of the crime scene were shown, during which were shown of the crime scene, the victim’s mother and sister became very upset, and left the courtroom crying.

Two objects allegedly used to beat Henderson to death were brought into court - a barstool and some wooden spools from the porch at Felecia’s home.

Footprints in the snow also matched Davis-Martin's shoes, found in the home by investigators.

Several friends and acquaintances of Davis-Martin's also testified to make the court aware of the suspect's whereabouts the night of the homicide.

A police questioning video was shown in court. 

In the video, a Metro Homicide detective questions Davis-Martin, until the suspect refuses to continue.

A jail inmate of Davis-Martin's took the stand and claimed the suspect admitted to being bisexual.

The witness claimed Davis-Martin admitted to having a relationship with Henderson and later killing him to keep it secret.

According to the inmate, Davis-Martin claimed to have no remorse.

The trial is set to continue Wednesday morning.

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