Triton football player honor fallen teammate

NOW: Triton football player honor fallen teammate

BOURBON, Ind -- The 17 year old was on his way to see his father on August 28th when he got into a fatal car crash.

On Saturday, his teammates showed their support in front of Fairchild's family and friends.

"I just think it’s amazing. It’s a good tribute to Cameron just to show how much he loved his teammates," said his mother Ashley Carpenter.

For majority of his high school career, Cameron Fairchild wore the number 57 and on Saturday, the Triton football team started their matchup against Caston with a 57 second moment of silence, and added the number 57 to their helmets.

This year, Cameron started a new journey with the number 3 and his new teammates continued his season, by taking his new jersey, to midfield before the game.

"Today is just amazing. You can just feel their support," said Ashley Carpenter.

"It’s what I’m holding on to right now. Knowing how much they loved him and how many lives he has touched and I know that me and his mom have raised an amazing young man," said his father Billy Fairchild.

Cameron had been attending Triton since his junior year, after transferring from Warsaw high school.

As a member of both football teams Saturday was simply about going and playing for Cameron.

"He’s here. He was not going to miss this football game. I promise you that. So, he’s here, watching over this team," said Billy Fairchild.

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