Trump administration seeks delay in travel ban lawsuit

By Ariane de Vogue CNN Supreme Court Reporter

(CNN) -- The Trump administration is asking a Seattle judge to "postpone any further proceedings" in the challenge against the President's travel ban while a larger panel of judges on the 9th Circuit decides whether to rehear the case.

The legal case surrounding President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration returned to Judge James Robart on Tuesday, the federal district court judge who brought the travel ban to a halt on February 3 by issuing a temporary restraining order.

Robart, in essence, is asking the parties to discuss next steps now that a three judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld his order.

The administration's request filed Monday reveals no new information regarding the White House's plans to possibly rewrite or modify the order.

The states also filed a brief arguing that the travel ban should remain halted from going into effect pending appeal. They say the government should not get another chance to argue before Robart that the executive order should be reinstated pending appeal.

Trump lashed out against Robart after he blocked the executive order, calling him a "so-called judge" who has put America "in peril."

Trump's order barred foreign nationals from Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Iraq and Yemen from entering the country for 90 days, all refugees for 120 days, and all refugees from Syria indefinitely.

Robart will hold a briefing by phone at 6 p.m. ET to discuss these briefs.

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