Two dogs found shot in South Bend within two weeks

NOW: Two dogs found shot in South Bend within two weeks


SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Two unidentified dogs were found with gunshot wounds in South Bend within two weeks.

South Bend Animal Care and Control is seeking answers.

The most recent incident happened in the Near Northwest Neighborhood.

Dog owner Tammy Dohner was saddened to hear about animal cruelty just blocks from her home on Medora Street.

“It’s horrible. I know I’m going to be keeping a closer eye out on my dogs,” Dohner said.

The dog was found wandering the neighborhood Saturday suffering from a gunshot wound.

The bullet entered through the jaw and out the shoulder, indicating the gun was likely inserted into the dog's mouth.

South Bend Animal Care and Control tried to identify the animal before euthanizing her Monday, but were unsuccessful.

Jenn Gobel, director of the facility said there was no other option but to euthanize.

“It was a very hard day in the shelter yesterday. There were tears that were shed,” Gobel said.

Tears were also shed two weeks before, when another dog was found alive but shot on Ford Street.

“It actually had bullet wounds on the side of it as well. So that’s two dogs in the span of about a week and a half,” Gobel said.

Gobel encourages people to provide answers.

“Somebody knows something somewhere,” Gobel said.

Investigators are unsure at this point if the abuse was inflicted by the dogs’ owners or strangers.

“If they can do this to an innocent animal, lord knows what they will do or are doing to humans,” Gobel said.

Dohner is not taking any chances.

She now plans to leash or lock up her dogs while they’re in the yard.

“For most people, the dogs are your children and they’re there for you,” Dohner said.

A report has been filed with South Bend Police, and they have the bullet for processing.

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