Two juveniles, one adult charged in Cushing Street shooting

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- Two juveniles and an adult have been charged in the Cushing Street shooting that left a woman paralyzed, according to court documents.

South Bend Police were called to the 600 block of N. Cushing Avenue on January 14 to investigate reports of shots fired.

When officers arrived, they found a 24-year-old woman with gunshot wounds. One bullet was lodged near her spine and another caused a collapsed lung.

The resident of the home, Tuesdae Stenson, told police she had been arguing with 24-year-old Symone Berry about comments made on Facebook and the two arranged to physically fight, reports said.

Berry, a second woman, 16-year-old Tyreik Williams and 17-year-old Jeremiah Ware arrived to the area in Berry's Dodge.

During the argument, Ware and Williams allegedly fired 14 shots at Stenson's home, according to the probable cause affidavit..

The house was struck by 14 bullets. The victim who was shot had been inside the home at the time of the shooting.

Police collected 12 spent casings at the scene.

The following day, officers located Berry driving her vehicle. Williams and Ware were in the vehicle as well.

When Berry spoke with police, she told police she heard two different guns being fired and said they were fired by Williams and Ware, reports said.

Berry told police after the shooting, she stopped the car and Ware gave Williams a handgun and told him to get rid of it. Williams then got out of the car, reports said.

Police searched the vehicle and found a handgun and 2 spent bullet casings inside. Testing determined it fired the 12 spent bullet casings found at the scene, police said.

They did not locate a gun that fired the bullet casings found in the Dodge.

Berry has been charged with assisting a criminal.

Williams is charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery in adult court.

Ware has been charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery in adult court.

All are expected to be arraigned on Friday.

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