Two killed, several injured in multiple shootings this weekend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Two people were killed in three separate shootings in South Bend Saturday night. One shooting happened at a car wash on Lincolnway West, a person was shot at a home on Huey Street and a third shooting happened at Vassar Avenue and Huey Street.

Rosemary Hawks and her children dodged bullets Sunday afternoon on Vassar Avenue.

"I thought they were shooting off fireworks and it was just too many. I look down here at the street and I saw the bullets coming out of the gun that's how close they was to us,” said Hawks.

She ran across the street trying to get to her children who were behind a fence playing on a swingset.

"They was over there at the neighbors house where the bullet went through their house,” said Hawks.

"If there had been an adult or a tall kid standing there they would've been shot and killed,” said Tim Corbett, St. Joseph County Metro Homicide.

Metro Homicide is investigating this shooting and two other shooting incidents that left 29-year-old Dominique Jackson and 20-year-old Jarice Bailey dead.

They believe there's a strong possibility there is a gang connection.

"These guys are 14 or 15 years old, they'll pull a gun out and shoot your goldfish. They do not care,” said Corbett.

South Bend Police say they are aware of the possible gang connection and their street crimes division is working with metro homicide on these shootings.

"The leadership of the street crimes unit is aware of the gang elements,” said Captain Phil Trent of the South Bend Police Department.

Residents who live in the neighborhood with Hawks say they are aware of the gang activity too.

She said talk in the neighborhood is the gang who is responsible is called 211 also now possibly changing their name to hotheads.

"You have this young group that wants to be the tough guys there's a price for it all we are asking you is to help us help you,” said Corbett. "You want it in your community bury your head and don't tell us anything, don't help us. You don't want it in your community call us we’ll take care of it.”

The Metro Homicide Unit is not pinpointing one particular gang that could be responsible for the shootings.

They said they need time to complete witness interviews and gather all of the facts.

They said their investigation will hopefully lead them to the person or persons responsible for the deadly shootings.

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