Two proposals and a baby after 26.2 miles

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- It was a beautiful day to run 26.2 miles throughout South Bend and one man did it with an engagement ring tied to his shoelaces.

"I double-looped it a couple of times," said Tommy Ferry, proposed to girlfriend after marathon.

The runners met two years ago training for the Sunburst marathon. Today, Ferry crossed the finish line holding this sign. He said he's glad she said yes, since the crowd would have booed her.

But the crowd was all cheers, especially when another guy went down on one knee, completely out of breath. 

"I wanted to make sure she didn't know it was coming and I checked like every three miles to make sure it was still in my back pocket cause I was worried I was gonna lose it," said Lee Walraven, proposed to girlfriend after marathon. His fiance Quinn Devlin says she feels delirious. She has runner's high and her dream engagement ring.

"It's surreal. I just was not expecting it," said Devlin.

But one runner's expecting- a little boy in just ten short days.

"I've been running the whole time," said Bessie Wall. "I love running so to not run is kinda weird for me. I'd love to do the full marathon here, but i wasn't gonna attempt that."

Understandably--her belly slowed her down-- but she ran the entire race.

"I mean it's definitely a struggle. I just have to accept a slower pace and keep going and i'm just happy to be out walking," said Wall.

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