Two stores broken into by wild deer

NOW: Two stores broken into by wild deer

GOSHEN, Ind.-- Two businesses are now cleaning up the pieces after a rogue deer rammed into their storefronts and broke two windows.

Thursday evening, just after 5 pp.m. Goshen police were at the intersection of Main and Washington Street helping with a traffic accident. All of a sudden they saw a deer was running loose. 

Police say it was trying to enter downtown businesses and then ran along the west sidewalk of Main until it rammed into the San Marcos restaurant window cracking it and then completely chattering the glass next door at the Goshen Antique Mall. 

And this is not the first deer related incident recently in the spotlight.

Earlier in October on New York's Long Island, a deer came crashing through a hair salon window. Then, in Rhode Island another buck hit the windshield of a school bus full of kids. Earlier this week, a deer made an unplanned stop in a Pennsylvania cell phone store. 

The Indiana State Police say this is quite typical for this time of year being it is their mating and migration season.

The ISP recommend--

- Buckling up while driving to prevent further damage to you and your vehicle.  

- To watch for "deer crossing" signs because where there is one, there is usually more. 

- Be extra vigilant around dawn and dusk when deer are most active.

- Finally, don't swerve out of the way if a deer impedes your way. Rather, firmly brake and stay in your lane. 

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