Two U.S. aid workers infected with Ebola

While working to combat a large outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus 2 aid workers have contracted the disease.

An official with the relief group Samaritan's Purse says 33-year-old Dr. Kent Brantly is in stable but very serious condition. 

The second American is identified as Nancy Writebol a volunteer worker with the allied aid group Serving In Mission. 

Health officials say the current Ebola outbreak centered in West Africa is the deadliest ever. 

 "That's why I think it hurts so much more when you have a person with a heart so large, a care so great and then they come down with a virus like Ebola. It's heartbreaking," said Robert Earley, CEO of JPS Health Network.


As of July 20th nearly 1100 people in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia are thought to have been infected.

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