Two-year-old who fell from balcony improving

WARSAW, Ind. -- The 2-year-old who fell off a second story balcony Monday is improving, according to family members. She is still in the hospital, but is stable and is talking again.

"I saw the ambulance and I went over there to see what happened. Her little brother came out crying. He was just screaming, 'My sister, my sister!" said neighbor Yvonne Avila.

Police say 2-year-old Miyah fell from a second story balcony at Canterbury House Apartments.

"I'm like, 'What happened? What happened? Then they say she fell off the balcony," said Avila.

Warsaw Police say the adult home with Miyah was in the shower at the time.

The door to the balcony wasn't locked.

"I saw her, she was on the stretcher. I felt so bad, and she was just there, she didn't move," said Avila.

Police believe Miyah climbed up on a chair on the balcony and accidentally fell over the banister.

"I see police taking pictures of the blood, I got so scared, I started crying," said Avila.

Miyah's mom Sheana Pearson says her daughter is her heart, her best friend.

Their neighbor, Shivon Delion, says she can't imagine the heartache Pearson must have felt coming home from work and finding out her baby was rushed to the hospital.

"I'm a mother and I know it hurts. It's heart breaking," said Avila.

Delion says the entire neighborhood is praying for Miyah and the Pearson family.

"I'm praying for her. We are all praying for her to come home and be the little girl that she is, smiling happy baby," said Delion.

Police say they are not looking into this as any more than an unfortunate accident.

Pearson says they are just grateful she's recovering and going to pull through.

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