Uber could help traffic headaches in St. Joseph

NOW: Uber could help traffic headaches in St. Joseph


ST. JOSEPH, Mich. - Uber officially came to the city last Friday. Some people living near Silver Beach hope it could alleviate some traffic buildup. 

"Uber would be a nice option for people to use if they're going to Silver Beach Pizza or maybe coming down for a concert," said Chris Galante, who lives in St. Joseph. 

But for those going to the beach and taking coolers and beach chairs, it might not be easy to use. 

"I'm not sure Uber would be the answer for those kinds of folks," said Galante. 

Galante has used Uber, but has never had it in his own town until now. 

There are limited cab companies in the area, and locals say they're expensive. 

For businesses renting out places in the area, Uber is seen as a benefit for their customers. 

"I think Uber particularly for our clientele would benefit. For short trips uptown or shopping. I think they could do well here, at least seasonally," said Johnny Zimmerle, owner of Surfside Rentals. 

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