UNC game a homecoming for Notre Dame Captain Greer Martini

NOW: UNC game a homecoming for Notre Dame Captain Greer Martini

Saturday's game in North Carolina a homecoming for Notre Dame Captain Greer Martini. His family lives just outside Chapel Hill and they're excited he's back.

While Martini has made good at Notre Dame he thanks his parents for keeping him grounded throughout it all.

"It was an awesome place to grow up. Essentially I had a cul de sac full of kids and there were 15 other families in that area. I just had a wonderful childhood growing up. Running around the neighborhood we had some woods in the back. Overall an amazing experience as a kid," Martini said.

Martini was born and raised in Cary, just 30 min from Chapel Hill.

He says his parents always stressed academics first.

"It was school first then sports. That's just what i would like to do. And my parents, the whole school aspect was more enforced than sports," said Martini.

After attending a private boarding school in Virginia, Martini received a scholarship to play for the Irish.

The hard work has paid off.

In the first quarter against Miami of Ohio, Martini, who leads the team in special teams tackles, provided a spark on defense.

"He was at the game and it happened. It was just a good play and I read the route the right way and so I run with it afterwards and apparently my dad and mom in the stands and the people sitting next to them, their mouths just dropped and they didn't know what to do. It was my first interception they were just so proud," Martini said.

Martini has always enjoyed going back to North Carolina to relive some of his favorite memories.

Saturday he'll play in front of that support system that has always been there during this senior's journey.

"My parents have provided me with next to none childhood. My dad has always forced me to be a better person that athlete. If you have the personality right, the sports will come. There have been ups and downs here at Notre Dame but I've remained humble and my dad has been along to make sure I do that," Martini said.

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