Understanding humidity and its effects as Michiana heats up

NOW: Understanding humidity and its effects as Michiana heats up

It is hot and humid outside with dewpoints in the 70s! Our ABC57 First Warning Neighborhood Weather Team always talks about dewpoints, but to show you what the dewpoint temperature means – Meteorologist Erica Horvatin conducted an experiment that you can do at home too.

To do the experiment, use a large metal pot filled with water, a thermometer and ice. Take the temperature of the water at the start, which in Erica’s experiment, was in the low 80s. Then start adding pieces of ice, and stir the water and ice with the thermometer. The temperature of the water starts to drop. Eventually, condensation forms on the outside of the pot. When condensation forms, take the  temperature of the water, and that is the dewpoint temperature of the air outside. The dewpoint is the temperature at which the air becomes saturated, so if there is a high dewpoint outside this experiment won't take long.

For extra directions click here.

With high dewpoints, it can feel uncomfortable outside and nothing stays cold. If you plan on having a drink outside this week, you will want a koozi or an insulated cup unless you plan on sipping on a lukewarm drink.

The reason why this happens, is because with all of the humidity in the air, your drink will start condensating immediately, and condensation, in scientific words, is a warming process.

With condensation on your cup – your drink will warm twice as fast. Using a koozi or insulated cup will insulate your drink and keep condensation from forming, keeping it cooler, longer.

Over this hot and humid period ahead of us, make sure to stay hydrated. Humid heat can cause quick overheating. In dry heat – your body sweats, the sweat evaporates and you can cool your body naturally, but in humid heat, the sweat cannot evaporate as quickly, because there is already so much moisture in the air.

In other words, use a koozi, and don’t forget to drink water or pour water on yourself - anything to stay cool over the next couple of days!

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