Unsellable food used to help needy families

ST. JOSEPH CO., Ind. -- Several people are making a difference in the lives of many people. Volunteers and workers from Hope Ministries are collecting food from Michiana businesses, and giving it to those in need

Sarah Greenawalt is part of Operation Food Rescue which is associated with Hope Ministries. The group picks up food from bakeries, restaurants and produce markets that may be a day old or too visually unappealing to sell.

So far several local businesses have donated to the cause including places like Starbucks, Bob Evans, and sometimes Pizza Hut.

All of the food collected will directly go to the breakfast tables at the family life center located on Lafayette Boulevard in South Bend.

"We serve close to 300 free meals a day and that ends up being 8,000 meals a month, so any incoming food helps a lot," said Greenawalt

And the businesses managers we spoke with were happy to help.

It's been something my grandparents did and my dad and we still to it do this day. It makes you feel good to help someone out" said West End Bakery Manager Greg Fobe.

Hope Ministries does need volunteers to do pick-ups at least twice a week. They also need businesses to donate fresh fruit and milk.

If you want to help please call 574-235-4150.

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