UPDATE: Dog found with zip-tied snout gets adopted by SBPD officer who freed him

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The South Bend Police Department says the dog that was found with a zip tie secured tightly around its snout last week has officially been adopted by officer Stephanie Northcutt.

"Officer Northcutt said she knew the moment she laid eyes on the pup that he was the perfect addition to her family," SBPD said in a Facebook post. "The dog, now named Zeus, spent some time bonding with the Northcutt's other dogs before officer Northcutt made it official with the folks of South Bend Animal Resource Center."

The team at SBARC says it's unlikely that Zeus will suffer any long-term physical effects from his injuries and is doing extremely well.

SBPD says that Zeus is actually the second dog that Northcutt has rescued while on the job.

"She joked that the dispatchers at St Joseph County 9-1-1 should stop sending her to animal calls because she will soon run out of room at her house," SBPD said. "As a final kind gesture, officer Northcutt is planning to sponsor two adoptions at SBARC after seeing how deeply this story affected our community."

Authorities say the investigation into the circumstances surrounding Zeus' zip tie is ongoing.

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