UPDATE: Escaped killer fighting extradition to Michigan

LAPORTE COUNTY, Ind. -- At an extradition hearing in a LaPorte County courtroom, convicted killer Michael Elliot's attorney tried to fight extradition by saying the state of Indiana has not proven the man in custody is the same man who escaped from a Michigan prison.

Elliot was serving multiple life sentences at the Ionia Correctional Facility when he escaped February 2 around 6:30 p.m.

He allegedly carjacked an Ionia woman and drove to Middlebury, Indiana. At a gas station, the victim escaped and locked herself in the bathroom.

Elliot was captured later that evening in LaPorte County.

He has been in the LaPorte County Jail since.

As Elliot entered the courtroom we asked him about the kidnapping.

Alexandra Koehn ABC57: Anything you want to say to the woman you kidnapped?

Elliot: I apologize to her

In court, Elliot faced an extradition hearing because the county of LaPorte received an extradition warrant.

Elliot's attorney is honoring his wishes by claiming the state has not proven Elliot is who the court says he is, the man who escaped from a Michigan prison.

The judge granted another hearing on March 13 for a habeas corpus summary.

"You can't just willy nilly shuttle the people around. The prisoner always has the opportunity to challenge whether it's right to move him from one jurisdiction to another," said LaPorte County Deputy Prosecutor Christopher Fronk.

As he left court we asked Elliot how he felt about going back to Michigan.

"Not too good. I want someone to revisit my case."

For now Elliot will not be going back to Michigan. He will stay in LaPorte County at least until the March 13 hearing.

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