UPDATE: Family says 21-year-old Elkhart County man shot and killed

ELKHART CO., Ind. – Family members are speaking out in the death of 21-year-old Jesse Bowen who they said was shot and killed late Monday night.
The victim’s cousin, Jessica Ellsworth, broke down in tears Tuesday morning, still in shock over the death of a close family member and friend.
“I got a call, about 1:00 a.m. from my sister, telling me what happened,” said Ellsworth, as she wiped tears from her eyes. “It didn’t sink in and become emotional until about two hours later. But now it’s just really surreal and hard to believe.”
Ellsworth said two men walked into the house and shot her cousin, before taking off.
“I’ll miss him. And it’s just really sad that it had to be him. He was so young,” wept Ellsworth.
A neighbor and friend who did not want to be identified told ABC57 she rushed over to the house try and help. She said dispatch told her she was performing CPR properly, but since there was no exit wound, she could not save Bowen.
The neighbor said Bowen was shot twice, in the chest and arm.
Ellsworth said she does not understand who would want to hurt the kind of guy who would give someone the shirt off of his back.
“He’s a really down to earth guy and great person. He loved his animals, loved all of his friends. An extremely social person. Didn’t do anybody wrong,” said Ellsworth.
Detectives were on the scene, looking for answers. But for those who love him, there are still so many questions.
“I want to know what his life was worth to these people. What they took, what they got. In exchange for his life,” said Ellsworth.
Friends brought over flowers throughout the day, and a sign taped on the door reads “Bowen Family – RIP Jesse, xoxo.”
Bowen’s best friend of six years, his dog Max, was heard barking, waiting for his owner who won’t come home again.
Neighbors said the dog already had a new owner who would be taking care of Max.
Friends and family planned a vigil for 8 p.m. Tuesday.
Police have released few details, only confirming the age and name of the victim, as the investigation is ongoing.

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