UPDATE: Frank's Place shooter used ambulance to escape bar before arrest at Memorial Hospital

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The South Bend Police Department has released a narrative surrounding the events that occurred at Frank's Place on June 19, when officers received calls of a man firing shots inside the bar and adjoining liquor store.

When authorities got to the scene at 327 W. Marion Street, they found three employees hiding inside a storage room. Officers spoke with four different witnesses and watched security video from inside the liquor store to form their narrative.

Based on the investigation, it is believed that Lorenzo Williams entered the bar with a gun on him. Witnesses say he ordered a beer but became angry when he knocked it over.

He then pulled his gun out and, according to witnesses, pointed it at one person waiting in line for the bathroom before firing a shot into the bar cooler. 

At that time, the cashier at the liquor store ordered everyone out of the building. Surveillance footage then shows Williams walking into the liquor store 

"Security footage of the liquor store lobby showed a black male wearing a black shirt with writing and a black hat walk in the front door with a black handgun in his right hand," police said. "He walked around the lobby aimlessly before discharging his firearm multiple times in multiple directions."

Just outside Frank's Place, at the intersection of Marion and Williams Streets, an ambulance was stopped with two patients in the back.

The driver of the ambulance told police that he saw a Black male, later confirmed to be Williams, run from Frank's Place with a beer bottle in one hand and a gun in the other.

He says Williams then jumped on the driver's side running board of the ambulance.

The driver of the ambulance said that he told Williams to get off, but Williams not only refused, but he opened the driver's door and tried to get in.

The driver was able to shut the door and keep Williams out, but said he was in fear for himself and the patients, so he drove to Memorial Hospital with Williams on the running board. 

"Memorial Police officers waited for [the ambulance] at the ambulance bay where they were able to secure Williams into custody," SBPD said. "During a search incident to arrest, Memorial officers discovered a black Cobra .380 firearm in his left pants leg and a white powdery substance in a clear plastic bag in his right front pants pocket. The handgun was later found to have an obliterated serial number."

During his arrest, Williams told officers that he had purchased the firearm at a gas station near Frank's Place and that the white substance in the bag was cocaine.

Witnesses from Frank's Place identified Williams as the shooter from a photograph taken by police at the hospital.

Williams has been charged with seven felonies in the past, including theft, burglary, and residential entry. He was convicted of felony burglary on March 25, 2014.

According to Indiana law, Williams qualifies as a Serious Violent Felon.

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